Product Designer

I'm a product designer specialised in UX and prototyping currently based in Stockholm Los Angeles Barcelona.


Over the last years I have been lucky to work with an incredibly talented team at North Kingdom, for amazing clients like Google, LEGO, Dollar Shave Club and Acast.

I am a product designer with a development background, which allows me to iterate with interactive prototypes early on in the process. Two of my main passions are UX Design for native apps and development (prototypes, sites, you name it).


"Elsa wants to learn how to bake a cheesecake, but she's sunbathing in the beach reading her favourite book about typography. She takes her phone and opens 'Unforget', an app she's trying out. She types: 'Learn how to bake a cheesecake' and sets it's goal for tomorrow afternoon. After that she puts her phone and book down and joins her friends playing beach volleyball."
What's this?!


Guest lecturer at Luleå University (Piteå, Sweden) – UX Design
Guest lecturer at EU ERAM (Girona, Spain) – Web development